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About – Janardan Swami Yogabhyasi Mandal, Nagpur

In the days of utilitarian Modern Society, Organization like ours – Janardan Swami Yogabhyasi Mandal – is a rarity . It is an unique organization which propogates ‘Yog’ as way of life or culture in the society for Contentment, Health and Happiness of every soul by imparting training in Yog to one and all irrespective of Caste, creed, religion, totally free of cost.

It is the principal aim and objective of the organization and also the motto encrypted in its logo which is the message of the founder of the organization, parampujya yog murti Janardhan Swami, The Devine Saint, Guru, The Source of Inspiration and principle Guiding force of the organization.

Yogmurti Janardan Swami’s message was loud and clear. Swamiji gave us the message loud and clear that intelligent  people  practice yogabhyas daily to live life filled with contentment, happiness and health. The same message composed by Pradnya Bharati Shri Warnekar in Sanskrit words, ‘Samadhanay Soukhay Nirogtvay Jeevane, Yogmevabhyaset Pradnyah Yathashakti Nirantarm’, is encrypted on samadhi of Yogmurti Janardhan Swami.

The message was simple but most effective in transforming several lives, who actually experienced the effects of yogabhyas. They naturally devote themselves to spreading yog in society as Swamiji’s messengers. Swamiji had clearly advised the yogvidya ought not be sold and it should be taught free to persons willing to learn. he had also advised that one who learns yog must teach five other persons yog freely and repay the obligation as Gurudakshina. He laid the principle by his own example.

Parampujya Swamiji was rightly called ‘Yogmurti’ by his biographer Pradnyabharati Dr. Shridhar Bhaskar Warnekar, as Swamiji was always thinking of yog, shaping those thoughts on yog and even breathing yog for the betterment of people to build a strong nation with rich human resource of efficient healthy people with healthy mind.

The greatest messenger of divinity Parampujya Swami Vivekanand had once defined religion as’ “Every Soul is potentially divine, to manifest this divinity within is the true religion, all are but secondary details”. Parampujya Janardan Swami was true embodiment of that true religion and the ultimate realisation of that definition of religion. He was truth, compassion, devotion and discipline personified. He was angel with message of health and happiness for one and all.

World health organization have spelt their goal for 2000 as “Total health for all” and defined total health as “physical, mental and social well being”. However it missed on the aspect of spiritual well being. Janardan Swamiji knew that yogic way of life can help achieving well being in all the four aspects. He therefore spread the message of yog for contentment, health and happiness for one and all.

Swamiji was a great missionary with vision. He rightly recognized that man is bound  to suffer from the acute stresses of high-speed, high-tech modern society which is full of materialistic excesses, avarice, indiscipline, inherent contradictions, bad habits which would cause several psychosomatic disorders & ailment. However he was confident that he had single but the most effective solution for all these.

Great Yogic Preacher : He was the pioneer of the concept of sanghik (group) yog and developed it as a front end tool for application of yog for the well being of man and the society, simultaneously. He was the great experimenter and researcher par excellence and thus invented the tool of sanghik yogasanas – The collective, concerted, synchronous yogic exercises of hundreds even thousands of people together for real happiness and emancipation of people from ills of the westernized modern living. Yogvidya was hitherto before meant for mystics or sanyasis only. He removed all such taboos, misconceptions from the minds of people and critics and the gates of ganges of yog to one and all irrespective of caste, creed, faith, religion and sex. He had blessings and permission of Shri Shankaracharya for this. He like great Bhagirath, brought this ganges of yog from Gangotri of ‘Pantajal Yogdarshan’ to the doorsteps of commoners by simplifying it into special version of simple exercises of yog asans and kriyas, which relieved them from stresses, anxiety, and ill health as well as ensured their health, contentment and happiness. His motto was yog for “Bahujan Hitay Bahujan Sukhay”.

Swamiji was always on the move for the cause of yog. He was full of compassion for fellow beings. He always rushed to the rescue of the sufferer of chronic ailments, who had tried all medicines, in vain. He used to take distant walks to reach to the sufferer right at the appointed time to teach some yogic asanas or kriyas. Usually the blessed person used to get substantial relief and get into a convert to yogic way of life and devout admirer of Swamiji, Numerous experiences of such type are vouched by many beneficiaries even now.

Initially, yog was forbidden area for women. Swamiji demolished this barrier and imparted knowledge of yogasanas and yogic kriyas to women, as he rightly recognized that women are basic to the development of future generations and most vital to real progress of the society as a whole. Women disciples of Swamiji reciprocated the faith Swamiji reposed in them. They spread yog teaching from house to house with great zeal and spirit. Even now women teachers of yog are doing great work and put up major share in making yog a big movement.

In 1954, Swamiji started two certificate courses for training people as instructors or teachers of yog during Summer Vocation. It is the most important and regular program of Janardan Swami Yogabhyasi Mandal, as it helps to propagate yog far and wide in the society. Students of these courses used to be of ages raging from 14 to 70 years. They understand the theoretical principles of yog better and to greater depth with adequate practical expertise in these courses. They are confident and able to explain and teach planned curriculum of yogabhyas to others in well defined manner, free of cost as a mission of their life.

It was a great success. He could train more than 5000 people through these courses as a yoga teacher with immense potential. Some of them have been spreading yoga devoutly in the nook and corner of the country.

It is through such spontaneous process that Janardan Swami Yogabhyasi Mandal, the legacy and  lineage of this great saint, avowedly and ceaselessly propagate yog, spread yog totally free of cost and spell the unique heritage of their guru – the purpose of achieving health and happiness for all through various programs of yog.

The several programs or beneficial schemes for the society are:

  1. Daily Yogasan Varg for Nirogatva
  2. Therapeutic guidance for Vyadhigrasta Annual Features;
  3. Intelligence (Buddhi – Medha Vikas Varga) Engineering Camp
  4. Asan Pravesh
  5. Biennial yog Conferences of Al India Scale
  6. Monthly publication of yog magazine ‘Yogprakash’
  7. Organising of Nishulka (free of cost) yog camps

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