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Yogasana, is just one of the stages or steps in advancement of Ashtanga Yog (Eight Limbed or Staged Yog) as out lined by Patañjali Muni in Pātañjalayogaśāstra (“The Treatise on Yoga according to Patañjali”) and consisted of both Sūtras and Bhāṣya.

योगेन चित्तस्य, पदेन वाचां, मलं शरीरस्य च वैद्यकेन ।

Purification or Cleansing can happen, of मलं (malaṁ) – Filth/Ills/Evils of चित्त (Citta) – Mind, through practice of Yogasana, वाचां (vācāṁ) – Language, through correct grammar, शरीर (śarīra) – Body, through appropriate Medicinal Science

Patañjali Muni was a rare scholar with deep knowledge and understanding of three sciences Yog, Grammar & Medicine, with the correct practice of all three he believed that one can stay free of all evil and illnesses in life. Our Guru Shri Janardan Swami too was a scholar of these and other sciences and his interpretation of Patañjali Muni’s Yog Sūtras, you’ll know more about why practicing Yogasana on a regular basis is not just important, but unavoidable.

अथ योगानुशासनम् ॥१॥

atha (Now begins) yog ( the treatise on Art & Science of Yog) ānu (already having a Sacred Existence) śāsanam (practiced & preached by Ancient Sages)

Even the all knowledgeable sage and scholar Patañjali Muni starts his first Sūtra (verse) by acknowledging that his compilation consists Yog, which has been in practice and preached by Ancient Sages as of the Sacred form of Art and Science. Our Guru Shri Janardan Swami and his teachings consider Pātañjalayogaśāstra as the basic foundation from which Yog has evolved and researched upon.

Why do we fall sick?

Some parts of our body are under pressure of the weight even when we sleep even in the normal manner. Blood circulation in these parts may not be normal. We experience this, when some parts get stiff or numb. Improper circulation of blood may cause diseases. Various other circulation of blood may cause diseases. Various other causes of sickness are mentioned below:

  1. Change in seasons, food, age, climate & overall living conditions.
  2. Digestive Problems – Constipation, easting state, oily, sour and Hard to- digest food.
  3. Irregular & Insufficient Sleep – Keeping awake in late hours at nights.
  4. Bad Eating/Drinking Habits
    1. Not eating when hungry – increases acidity & confuses body
    2. Eating when not hungry – loads the digestive system & confuses our body
    3. Over Eating – which affects our appetite & damages our digestive system
    4. Drinking Beverages – hot e.g. tea, coffee, cold e.g. cola, soda, etc. & alcoholic ones e.g. whisky, gin, beer etc..
    5. Eating unhygienic and putrid food in hotels and restaurants.
  5. Watching Violent/Adult films – which sensitize our minds with thoughts & fantasies of wrong things e.g. adultery, etc.
  6. Emotional Upsets – due to extreme love, hatred and anger.
  7. Mental and physical shocks – which have a bad effect on our nervous system.
  8. Ignorance or Total lack of rules – for a healthy & fit life.
  9. Neglecting Hygiene – Not taking daily baths & neglecting cleanliness
  10. Bad Living Conditions – where harmful germs & bacteria breed.
  11. Moving Bare-Footed – especially in cement and stone-floored houses.
  12. Unnatural clothing – Using nylone, terelene & other artificial materials harmful to skin
  13. Over-working – irregular and inhuman working hours and routines.
  14. Indolence –  Lazy life styles, not doing any exercise, etc.
  15. and many more ills of modern lifestyles.

So are there any cures for these unavoidable ills of modern life & lifestyles?

Why Yogasana – Swamiji’s Cure!

Proper and Daily exercise helps maintain perfect health and makes us less prone if it is inexpensive and without anybody’s assistance. Yogasana (Physical poses) Pranayam (control of breath) and other yogic kriya are such simple exercise. Which only in building up one’s physical and mental health but in developing  required mental alertness.

In practicing Yogasana three movements of body viz. ‘bending’ ‘lifting’ and ‘Twisting” are mainly involved. When you are getting introduced to ‘Yogasana’ one of the golden rules is not to stretch or pressurize the body unduly in doing these three movements. Parts of body to be moved only to the extent possible. These body movements should be done with complete relaxation and very slowly. Everyone men.women, young and old would build up and excellent health by practicing daily these simple “Yogasana” (poses). It is good to experience this oneself. One would do immense food not only to oneself but also to the society in general, if one teaches these simple Yogasana to others. It is one duty propagate Yoga all over the world so that its benefits could be reaped by the entire human race.

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