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International Yoga Day – Training Camp for NCC Staff

Training camp for National Cadet Corps Nagpur Staff was conducted over 2-3 days training at Military Recruitment Area near Railway Station, Nagpur. Over 86 NCC Staffers were trained with the same Collective Yoga Sequence for International Yoga Day prepared by Janardan Swami Yogabhyasi Mandal Nagpur. The camp concluded in all of them experiencing the final day of training at the Janardan Swami Yogabhyasi Mandal, Nagpur’s Ram Nagar campus, along with all regular sadhakas.

The preparations for 21st June 2015 are underway in a big way and we are inching towards our ambitious target of organising Collective Yoga Sequence for 21,000 people at Yeshwant Stadium. More news & updates shall follow as we get to involve more and more institutions to participate and join this first ever celebration of the recently declared International Yoga Day, thanks to the efforts of our honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi. Hundreds of people have already submitted their pledge for participation in our International Yoga Day celebrations this year, online as well as offline.


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