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Karyashala 24th May 2015

Practical Demonstrations & Theory conducted for students of all centres, attended in hundreds, our Varshik Karyashala is one of the most popular event at Janardan Swami Yogabhyasi Mandal, Nagpur.

Hundreds of students attend this workshop from morning 06h00 to 12h00 with lectures on Yogaswaroop, Ahaar-Shaastra, Janardan Swami, Yogabhyasi Mandal, etc. & live demo of Shuddhi Kriya like Nauli, with detailed explanation of Bandha – Mool-Bandha, Udiyaan Bhandha, Jalandhar Bandha, Jivvhha Bandha etc. Even Agnisaar Kriya, Tunda Sanchalan & then Nauli Chaalan are explained with an elaborate demo of each.

In Ahaar Shaastra, detailed information behind the science, introduction of important Shloka/Sutras as well as the main Do’s & Don’ts along with the rules are explained during the Karyashala. In the lecture on Yogaswaroop there’s an exclusive effort to cover the most relevant aspects of our Guru Shri Janardan Swamiji’s book which is otherwise fairly heavy and exhaustive account of Ashtanga Yoga & Swamji’s teachings.

Every year we’ve so many students attending the Karyashala from all different centres of Janardan Swami Yogabhyasi Mandal in and around Nagpur and the count is increasing every year. There’s a breakfast for everyone during the half an hour break and we’ve made a video of this year’s Karyashala for those of you who couldn’t attend.

[vimeo 128794595 w=900 h=506]

Every year this Karyashala is conducted & is one of the most popular events @JSYog. If you’ve never attended one, don’t forget to signup for the Next May Exam class, see you there, next year!

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