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Yoga Teacher Exams – JS Yog – Theory Papers – 2015

Having started conducting in 1956, this year in 2015, Janardan Swami Yogabhyasi Mandal, Nagpur held the Yoga Teacher Exams – Asan Pravesh Pareeksha (Elementary Yoga Teacher Exam) & Asan Praveen Pareeksha (Advanced Yoga Teacher Exam) for the 59th year in a row. For the last 59 years, consistently Janardan Swami Yogabhyasi Mandal, Nagpur and subsequently many of the 100+ JS Yog centres have been conducting the Yoga Teacher Exam class (Pareeksha Varga) every year in the month of May. The exams are held at the end of May or beginning of June. There are two theory papers and a practical exam.

Today we are sharing with you the video shot at the centre of the theory paper for our Ram Nagar Centre and some photos of the same exam conducted for our other centres.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=41xOt9ogGcs?rel=0]

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