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LIVE Pakshik Yog Varg - 7 to 8 am

Join us in an elementary and light Yogasan Varg – Pakshik Yog Varg. A two week free online live yog camp ideal for all those who wish to take up Ashtang Yog lifestyle. Despite all time constraints & inabilities to attend longer duration varg, with this power-packed camp, you can pick up the best passion in a lifetime – Yog. Ideal for:

Yog Varg Suited for:

Starting from the 15th of every Month

Pakshik Yog Varg will be starting live on our Website, from 15th of every month

Daily 7-8 am

Pakshik Yog Varg will be broadcasted live on Website, from 7:00 to 8:00 am