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LIVE Pakshik Yog Varg - 7 to 8 am

Join us in an elementary and light Yogasan Varg – Pakshik Yog Varg. A two week free online live yog camp ideal for all those who wish to take up Ashtang Yog lifestyle. Despite all time constraints & inabilities to attend longer duration varg, with this power-packed camp, you can pick up the best passion in a lifetime – Yog. Ideal for:

Yog Varg Suited for:

Starting from the 15th of every Month

Pakshik Yog Varg will be starting live on our Website, from 15th of every month

Daily 7-8 am

Pakshik Yog Varg will be broadcasted live on Website, from 7:00 to 8:00 am

Pakshik Yog Varg (पाक्षिक योग वर्ग) Form 2020

Pakshik Yog Varg (पाक्षिक योग वर्ग) Form 2020

Enter your Aadhaar Card or alternative
Select the exam the applicant is planning to appear for
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