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गुरूपौर्णिमा उत्सव​ 2020 (live video)

  • रविवार ५ जुलाई २०२०
  • सवेरे ६:३० बजे अमृतवक्ता श्री विवेकजी घळसासी जी का प्रवचन​
  • सवेरे ७:१५ बजे पाद्यपूजा व अभिषेक

Paramhans Pariwrajakacharya Yogmurti Shri Janardanswami Maharaj is our Guru. Let’s worship him on most auspicious day Gurupournima of the year. As you know Guru is above God and he is everything. We cannot attain the path to enlightenment without Guru. He provides direction to our life. Let’s us just surrender our self with our body, mind and soul and walk the way as he suggests.

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