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Gudhi Padwa & Bhoomipujan of “Paduka Bhavan” of Janardanswami

Gudhi Padwa 2016 was a special occasion for Janardanswami Yogbhyasi Mandal Nagpur for several reasons. First, we had an almost record turnout of over 700 people for the Gudhi Padwa celebrations this year and perhaps more over the two other functions that followed. Second, we had a series of performances from our very talented Sangeet Vibhag, attended by more people. And lastly, but most importantly, we had the Bhoomipujan of the proposed “Paduka Bhawan” of Janardanswami at the hands of Hon. Guardian Minitster of Nagpur district Shri Chandrashekharji¬† Bawankule, Corporator Shri Parniay Fuke and Raju Hadap were also present.

Each of the events were attended by Janardswami Yogbhyasi Mandal’s shikshaks, karyakartas & yog-sadhaks from various centres of JS Yog. Adhyaksa of JS Yog Advocate Shri G. G. Modak and Karyawaha Shri Rambhau Khandwe Guruji were also present. Shri Bawankuleji appreciated the selfless work of our guru Shri Janardanswami and assured all the help possible in his capacity to the Mandal and its activities, especially in the creation of the Paduka Bhawan.

Photos of Gudhi Padwa 2016 & Bhoomipujan of “Paduka Bhavan”

News Coverage of Gudhi Padwa 2016 & Bhoomipujan of “Paduka Bhavan”

Video of Gudhi Padwa 2016 & Bhoomipujan of “Paduka Bhavan”


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