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International Yoga Day Events

Things are heating up and efforts are picking up pace as we approach 21st June 2015 with daily International Yoga Day Events being conducted by Janardan Swami Yogabyasi Mandal volunteers across Nagpur and some even outside of Nagpur. Every day JS Yog volunteers are visiting different hotspots of the city with a fully equipped van, decorated with posters of International Yoga Day Events, a public address system, pledge forms and a bunch enthusiastic volunteers who are eagerly moving from person to person, talking & explaining to them the mega opportunity that Nagpurians have by participating in a historical event performing collective Yoga sequence with 21000 members at Yashwant Stadium, Nagpur on 21st June.

We’re reaching out to each and every person we can. We appeal all teachers, karyakartas & sadhaks from all Janardan Swami Yogabhyasi Mandal centres to kindly invite your friends & family, neighbours & acquaintances, office colleagues & schoolmates, basically anyone and everyone you know or can reach for spreading the dream of our guru Janardan Swami. Swamiji envisioned the celebration of Yog Din over 40 years ago and had paid the then Mayor of Nagpur Rs. 1000/- for Nagpur Municipal Corporation to take up celebration of a Yoga Day. Thanks to our Prime Minister Hon. Shri Narendra Modiji  for having taken up the initiative and gotten officially declared from the United Nations  the International Day of Yoga.

Here are some Photos of the International Yoga Day Events being conducted by JS Yog volunteers.. more to come!

International Yoga Day Events – Training @ NMC Zone 3 Office, Hanuman Nagar

International Yoga Day Events – 3 Day Shibir (workshop) extended to 7 days on public demand – Bajiprabhu Nagar

International Yoga Day Events – Yoga Training Shibir – Lakadganj


International Yoga Day Events – Training Camp @ Railway Police Force (RPF) Ajani – 60 members


International Yoga Day Events – Yoga Wagon – Jan Sampark & Sankalp Patra Vitaran – VNIT Campus Bajaj Nagar

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