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JS Yog – Shuddhi Kriya – Sutra Neti – Asan Praveen Pariksha – 2015

Sutra Neti, the famous Shuddhi Kriya (literally “cleaning process”) taught in Yog-Shashtra (Ashtanga Yoga) is taught and performed in a unique manner at JS Yog. As you can observer, the Sutra (cotton thread) is normally inserted through a nostril and sucked in till it reaches the throat and pulled out of the mouth. Then what is known as “Sutra chaalan” or pulling the thread alternatively from the nostril and the mouth to clean the passage from the nostril till the throat is performed. The same process is repeated again from the other nostril.

However, at JS Yog, thanks to our Guru, Shri Janardan Swami, we perform Poorna Sutra Neti i.e. put in the two ends through two different nostrils, one after the other, pull it out of the mouth and tie them in a knot. Then we pull the thread out of a nostril, slowly to pull the knot out and then untie it. Then we have the two ends hanging out of both the nostrils and the thread connected from back of the wall which separates the nostrils. This is unique to Janardan Swami’s teachings and we perform this in addition to the “Sutra Chaalan” mentioned above and it cleans the Nasal Cavity further thoroughly.

Sutra Neti performed in JS Yog is taught only to those participants who are appearing for the Asan Praveen Pariksha (Advaned Yogasana Exam) conducted by our Mandal across 100 centres in Central India, since 1954

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