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Samaradhana Dinotsav 2016

|| Jay Janardan – Shree Janardan ||

We are glad to share with you a short video film and some interesting photos of our Guru Parampoojaniya Shri Janardan Swami Maharaj’s Samaradhana Divas & palakhi procession!

Weeks of Nagpur’s extreme heat and no sign of rain. Despite the met department predicting early monsoon, Janardanswamiji’s Samaradhana Dinotsav 2016 was no exception. However, the early morning sessions, on the road were blessed with a comparatively cooler temperatures. An overall enjoyable atmosphere thanks to the sheer energy of over 1000 participants on the road, the Janardanswami Marg.

We’ve tried to compile the most significant events recorded. From the early morning 05h30, right from the parking arrangements to the palakhi (palanquin) procession of Janardanswamiji’s Paduka. Do watch the video completely. Let us know your feedback in comments below or on our social media channels.

The chief guest Shri Anoop Kumar, Divisional Commissioner of Nagpur, was very happy. He was in a way overwhelmed that women were dominating men in numbers. As well as the degree of difficulty with which the women performed yogasana was better. He even mentioned this fact explicitly in a an engaging address to all the 1000+ Yog Sadhak  who participated in this year’s Samaradhana Dinotsav.

Samaradhana Dinotsav 2016 Book Releases

On this grand celebration and a pious occasion for Yog & Yog Sadhak in Nagpur, two new books were released at the hands of the Chief Guest Shri Anoop Kumar – Yogic Asan Made Easy for Group Training – Part 2 (Sulabh Sanghik Asan Bhaag 2 – English Version) & Ishwar Pranidhaan.

Samaradhana Dinotsav 2016 Photos

Samaradhana Dinotsav 2016 Press Coverage


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