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Yogasana Exams

It is the biggest and most important annual project of mandal for raising a fleet of trained yog teachers who would impart quality training of yog to members of public or society, selflessly as a mission of their Life.

During the months of exam, the environment of Mandal is charged with the activities of teachers and volunteers who gear up for the annual bonanza of knowledge, selfless service and blossoming of new breed of yog teachers, volunteers and yog devotees who would choose yog as their way of life and spreading essence of yoga as their life mission.

It is usually turning point in the lives of many participants. Several of them come to mandal only to know about the courses for their children and join the course themselves. There have been instances when some of them have been turned into devout yog teachers of repute. Several times youngsters who drop their mother or sisters for the course ultimately join them, just out of curiosity and become excellent yog teachers or volunteers.

It is obvious that these persons find noticeable positive changes in their personalities and way of life.

These quality students, teachers, joining the fleet of Yogmurti Janardan Swami is the real asset and any addition in their number is always a matter of pride and glory for Mandal. More than ten thousand participants have been benefited since last forty seven years through this program.

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