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Rathsaptami 2016 – A successful JS Yog event!

We are glad to inform you that Rathsaptami 2016 was successful mega event thanks to all of those, nearly a thousand participants, who came and performed Suryanamaskar! The seemingly divine experience with the sun rising and hundreds of Yog Sadhaks performing Surya Namaskar is difficult to narrate in words. We’ve tried to capture the glimpses of the event in the video below for you. Rathsaptami 2016 was indeed special, but the entire event made it even more special and memorable. Over 100 Yog Sadhaks performed 144 Surya Namaskar, as a special offering to the Sun God on Rathsaptami 2016.

It was for the 7th consecutive year that karyakartas (volunteers) & shikshaks (teachers) of Janardanswami Yogabhyasi Mandal, Nagpur organised the Rathsaptami 2016 event at Lata Mangeshkar Garden, Surya Nagar, Nagpur. Every year the number of participants have grown. They’ve made it more and more challenging for the organisers to arrange for the growing number of participants. Organisers too have taken up this as a challenge and prepare for more people every year. The event was flawlessly arranged and enjoyed by one and all. Young school children, Old citizens, regular Yog Sadhaks, runners, joggers, and a melange of all sorts of early risers made it to the event. Thanks to everyone’s participation and support Rathasaptami 2016 was yet another successfully hosted mega event for Yoga in Nagpur.

The Sun we all know rises every morning, without fail, per nature’s discipline. We too must wake up early, before sun rise and perform at least 12 Suryanamaskar. Chanting correct mantra while performing Suryanamaskar awakens the mind along with the body. We’re ready to face the world. Our body is agile and our mind at peace. The dullness and desire to continue in the bed is thrown out of out mind and body alike. We can startly early, focus better, and hence do more in the day!

Photos of Rathsaptami 2016

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